How To Fix The Mistakes You Re Making While Brushing Teeth

How to Fix the Mistakes You’re Making While Brushing Teeth

It’s safe to say that everyone has bad habits, especially when it comes to brushing teeth. With a wealth of information available, it can be hard to know if you’re doing the right thing or not! In this blog, we’re going to help you combat some of the areas that experts have identified as blind spots in dental hygiene.

Read on to improve your brushing, have a cleaner, whiter smile, and be more confident in your dental health.

Brush Teeth for Longer


One of the main things that people get wrong is the length of time they brush for. Whether it’s boredom, a lack of knowledge, or busyness, teeth can be neglected unconsciously. According to research by the Academy of General Dentistry, the average person brushes their teeth for between 45 and 70 seconds a day; this is well short of the two minutes that we recommend.

By making sure you’re brushing for the full two minutes, ideally with each corner of your mouth getting 30 seconds’ attention each, you’re more likely to have clean, healthy teeth.

Use the Right Toothpaste


When shopping, habit is one of the major driving factors. We pick up the same cereal, bread, and sweet treats every week, but we should be a bit more discerning with our dental products. Just because you’ve always used a certain brand, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best one for you. Those with sensitive teeth will likely need a specific brand and those looking for greater whitening will need another type altogether.

Your dentist will be happy to work with you and find the perfect toothpaste; just ask!

Be Careful when Brushing Teeth


Getting your brushing just right is crucial in improving your dental health. Brushing teeth too softly means that you won’t clear the small bits of food left in your mouth and brushing too hard can lead to issues down the line. Finding an even, comfortable speed and pressure, combining this with the timings above, and using the best equipment means that your dental health has the best chance.

Our dentists can often spot signs of under- or over-brushing, so this may be mentioned at your next check -up.

Use the Right Toothbrush When Brushing Teeth


Like the point about toothpaste above, finding the right toothbrush for you and your mouth is vital. The number of options of the market is huge, with manual, battery-powered, and rechargeable brushes all available, as well as a whole host of brush head types. Working with your dentist and finding the one that works best will give you a comfortable brush without compromising on the clean you can attain.


Complete the Process


Brushing teeth alone has never been enough to attain complete dental health. There’s a lot more you can be doing, including flossing, using interdental brushes, and using an effective mouthwash. Again, you need to find these products in variations that suit you and your mouth, but the effectiveness of these tools cannot be overstated. Flossing and interdental brushes get to the little places that ordinary brushes cannot, and mouthwash helps to clear out any remaining food debris.

Now that you know how to look after your teeth in a more effective way, you’ve got nothing to dread about your next appointment at Byways Dental Practice. If you need anything at all from our expert team, remember that we’re only a phone call or email away!

How To Fix The Mistakes You Re Making While Brushing Teeth